• Him: I watched the scene how Charlie stared at Claire and I cried.
  • Me: why so sentimental ? I didn't feel anything.
  • Him: because I exactly know what it is like to look at someone you really love and adore. The way he stares a her. I understand what he feels.
  • *menggelinjang di lantai*
  • *muter lagu di mobil*
  • Me: jangan dimatiin lagunya
  • Him: lagu apa ini ?
  • Me: lah bukannya desri yang ngasi ?
  • Him: salah orang kaliii. Cowo lain kali. Desri inget kali lagu apa2 aja yang desri kasiin ke poe. Pantesss disuruh jangan dimatiin.
  • Me: masa sih ? Salah ya ? :))
  • Him: fix salah orang ini pasti.
  • Me: ya lagian ngasi lagu yang bukan genre desri. Sok2 ngasi lagu genre poe. Ga punya ciri khas. Wajarlah ga inget.
  • *Duh. Pacaran berapa kali sih mz, masa ga ngerti2 juga kalo cowo mesti selalu salah*
  • *kemudian diinjek*

It’s good to have someone to remind you how messed up they would be without you.

It’s good to be the reason of someone’s happiness.

It’s good to be loved this much. This way.

It’s good to have you.

Heard mom taught my little sis about love and relationships.

She was still 17 and dated a guy that recently didn’t act as he used to be.

Then I felt the warmth in the heart when it came to the part when mom said “everyone could tell you they love you. But not everyone could prove what they says. How to see if a guy truly loves you ? Desri to your sister. THAT is what true love is. He doesn’t even wake her up when he’s sick just because he sees she’s sleeping. (Even I, myself consider this as stupidity) That’s what a guy would do when everything is about you.”

Even this is not the first time to hear such thing, but I’m glad it comes from my mom, so she knows I’m being with the right person. And by glad I mean REALLY glad. So glad that I made this post that can be read by anyone else but him.

Don’t ask me why. :))